The NFT market, our position, and the future of AI Made Art

In the beginning

AIMade.Art was originally established over two years ago, by Software Engineer Arturo Calvo, as an online store selling canvas only prints of the works that our AI has created.  A rather new company strategy was implemented earlier this year (around February 26th 2021) when the blockchain NFT boom really started heating up in the market.

The decision at the time was to turn off the print only store and pause that market completely and pivot to offer the art as unique AI made art minted as NFTs.  Essentially, allowing a purchaser the exclusive access to download our digital file of AI Made Art’s original creations in HDR with proof of the transaction stored on the blockchain… all with the hope the value of the artwork represented on the blockchain increases over time as the market matures and evolves.  

This strategy was a success from all standards of blockchain security, digital art purchase transaction satisfaction as well as, so far it seems, with the value proposition of our growing art collection. 

Our NFT artworks have steadily risen in Ethereum value as well as in aftermarket NFT sales.

We believe this is partly because of the exclusivity of our portfolio and originality of our unique NFT creations… not to mention the value of an Ethereum token increasing from $1,459.97 on Feb 26th 2021 to $3,767.26 at the time of this writing October 12th 2021.


Our commitment to value added artwork

We are clearly on the right path and intend to continue offering more of our artworks as NFTs.  We have posted on social media recently about the potential for NFTs and the benefits of being in the blockchain space.  Owning the access to the original digital artwork created by AI Made Art as an NFT allows the holder the immutable and permanent bragging rights to the artwork since there can be only one NFT representing our creations. 

Holding an NFT made by us also has many other benefits which is sometimes an uncommon feature in the traditional artworld; the full licensing rights.  The NFT owner receives an exclusive and unlimited license to use our artwork (including for commercial purposes).  Through our NFT’s, we have granted unlimited licensing power to use the represented art in any way imaginable (usually only granted to others in a traditional market by purchasing various limited-to-exclusive rights package via a licensing fee which may or may not be sold to multiple people and used over and over). 

One of our customers has seen the benefit of this creative option offered by that license and developed their own collection on OpenSea (with quite a hefty price tag).

entitled “The blue Master and his Dragons”

We don’t know who they are or what they intend to create around the designs but we wish them the best in their creative endeavors and hope they get their asking price for their collection and their project is a success!


Art with a global reach

Another major benefit our customers have enjoyed is the free canvas print as a first buyer of the NFT - shipped anywhere in the world!   Just last week, a customer sent an email asking about our art selection and curating process.  They were from Indonesia.  We ship there!  We have also shipped to the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, USA and others! 

Not only do our customers get the satisfaction of having a digital representation of their favorite art but they also get a complimentary print in real life from us as a “Thank You” for supporting our artistic vision and experiments in blockchain technologies.  We are a small veteran-owned startup interested in impacting others lives for the better through art, technology, and giving back.


Smart art that helps the environment

Though some people within the blockchain community (as well as others in the analog world) have rightly criticized the energy intensive processes used in creating AI art and the use of blockchain technology – we have taken extraordinary steps toward thinking as environmentally conscience as we can be by offsetting all the carbon emissions of our entire process and involvement in the blockchain space.  Let’s face it, it is our responsibility to look after the beauty of the planet we live on…it depends on us and how well we are stewards.  Do you want the AI of the future to paint a dark portrait of our time taking care of the planet?  We have decided to take a step in the right direction and have pledged to offset over 1 Ton of carbon for each NFT sold.


Keep an eye out for our Carbon Offset Celebration Day on our very first NFT Anniversary next February, 2022


The Future...

We envision the future of AI Made Art as a premier and unique storefront offering multiple types of artificial intelligence creations for multiple types of customers.  We are working on multiple projects and there have been recent iterations of different AI GAN generated paintings, AI augmented paintings, paintings using algorithms to target a specific outcome and collaborative efforts of human and AI creations turned into paintings by AI.  Some of those pre-production works have caught the attention of those not in the crypto space that admire and want to purchase the art but are not on the blockchain.  And it got us to thinking… 

While it is -and will always be- true that the purchase of our NFT’s grant the *first owner a donated canvas print of the artwork sent to them free anywhere in the world, we also understand the limitations of those who are unchained given no exposure to the blockchain, coins, tokens, etc.  Our desire is that our art be available to all.  We also want to bring awareness of the blockchain space since it is because of the blockchain we have grown.  We want the value of our current, past, and future minted NFT creations to ultimately increase over time as well as our following grows.  Therefore, we feel that more exposure is needed to the traditional art community and wider public - giving them the ability to purchase our art by additionally offering high quality giclee reprints on museum-quality canvas and/or durable artists paper, merchandise, smaller print options, etc.  We will be releasing announcements soon with details on some new ways to get our art.

Imagine, you fall in love with one of our artworks and purchase the NFT.  Months go by... maybe years.  You’re in your dentists office, or at a hotel in some far off place on vacation, or maybe at a local restaurant there…you look up and see some framed reprint art hanging on the wall because it catches your eye.  In fact, it looks like some AI inspired artwork that you really recognize.  Then it hits you, so you look at your NFT wallet and discover it is the same artwork and you have offers pending!

-AI Made Art