What is a NFT?
NFT stands for non-fungible tokens which are cryptographic tokens that represent something unique. Our tokens follow the ERC-721 smart contract standard and are hosted on Ethereum’s own blockchain. The ownership of the artworks is managed by the blockchain.

How does an NFT look like?
This is a real example of an NFT from aimade.art available at Opensea.io:

What do I need in order to buy an NFT?
You need to provide us with the Ethereum wallet address where you want we transfer the ownership of the NFT. If you need help, leave that field empty in the checkout and we will support you via email after the purchase.

What is an Ethereum wallet address?
An Ethereum address is a code like for example 0x83deade6cf5c46e060b96e103dfa47f03300f1f9 that you will find after creating your Ethereum wallet. You need an Ethereum wallet to manage all your NFTs and trade with them.

I don't have an Ethereum wallet. How do I create one?
You can create it for free following these steps:

  1. Go to Rarible.com click on Connect
  2. Select one wallet provider - we recommend Fortmatic
  3. On the pop up, click on Continue and enter your email (or phone)
  4. Enter the 6-digit code you will receive on your email or phone
  5. Create a password you can remember and click on Sign Up
  6. If you click on the icon on the top-right corner you will see a code that starts with 0x. That is your Ethereum wallet address. Click on the "Copy" button and paste it on the checkout when making your order.

Contact us if you need some help!


I have bought an artwork. Will aimade.art keep a digital copy of it?
Our digital copy of it will be kept until the NFT is issued and successfully transferred to the Ethereum wallet address you provided. Then the digital copy will be destroyed forever to ensure that the artwork you bought remains unique.

Does it mean that the artwork I bought won't be available anywhere on the Internet?
No. The NFT includes a mid-resolution image of the artwork that is publicly available, but the ownership is yours. Also aimade.art might have published some thumbnails of the artwork on social media.

I haven't received my order some hours after the purchase. What can I do?
The NFT creation process requires some hours of human work. If you haven't received it on your email after 2 business days, please contact us.

How will I receive my NFT?
You will receive it in the provided Ethereum (ETH) wallet address that you provided to us within 2 business days.

Are there any extra costs in order to purchase an NFT at aimade.art?
No. We will cover all the costs related to minting the NFT and transferring it to your Ethereum wallet. These costs on our side are normally between 70-100€. You just pay the amount displayed on the product.

I changed my mind and I want a full refund. What can I do?
As per our Refund Policy, we cannot accept any returns or refund requests once the NFT is issued. This process normally takes a few hours, so if you change your mind right after the purchase, please contact us immediately and we might still be able to give you a full refund.

Is it possible to receive as well the artwork printed on canvas or the PNG file by email?
Upon purchase of an NFT you will be able to find the high-resolution image under unlockable content on Rarible. You can use that file the way you want, including printing it on canvas. We can order that for you with our premium print-on-demand provider for a fee. You just need to contact us with your request right after the purchase.

What royalty fees apply?
When the NFT is minted, a royalty fee of 2% over secondary sales will be granted to the creator of the NFT (i.e., aimade.art). This is automatically processed if when you resell your NFT on marketplaces such as Rarible. Applying royalty fees on secondary sales is quite normal with crypto art.