• The NFT market, our position, and the future of AI Made Art

    In the beginning AIMade.Art was originally established over two years ago, by Software Engineer Arturo Calvo, as an online store selling canvas o...
  • NFTs and the carbon footprint dilemma

    NFTs are disrupting the creative industry by providing artists with a new medium to sell their work. However, they have a significant carbon footprint. Some NFT marketplaces and galleries offset their CO2 emissions by planting trees. The long-term solution, though, should come from structural changes in the way Ethereum's blockchain works.

  • Will robots really take our jobs?

    Artificial Intelligence is expected to destroy millions of repetitive, low-demanding jobs, and create new ones that require our unique human skills. This will challenge policy-makers, companies and ultimately individuals, who will need to change their mindsets and embrace life-long upskilling and reskilling.
  • How creative AI techniques became a threat for national security

    Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) is a powerful technique to generate images with Artificial Intelligence. It is broadly applied in the creative industry and other sectors such as healthcare. However, its increasing use for scams or manipulating public opinion has been flagged as a threat to national security.
  • Wall art, poetry, music and even movies: this is how AI is transforming the creative industry

    Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the creative industries in ways we could not foresee just a few years ago. Although the term "AI Art" is often used to refer to wall art made by Artificial Intelligence, the rise of these generative techniques has impacted other artistic domains such as music, poetry and even film.

  • Who should own the copyright of AI-generated art?

    In 2018 three students sold for $432500 a portrait created with an algorithm they found online. This case sparked a heated debate about who owns the copyright of artworks generated by Artificial Intelligence: is it the AI artist? the developer? the artists the algorithm learned from? the machine itself? or no one at all?
  • Is it really "art" what Artificial Intelligence creates?

    Defining the boundaries of art has always been controversial, and even photography was not considered as an art form in the early days. AI Art is in a similar position, and it is positioning itself as a new artistic discipline through collaboration between humans and machines